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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hello everybody i'm denise koch and here is what people are talking about right now. a severe storm watch is on the radar right now.
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>> reporter: cecil county, montgomery county both until 11:30, york county just over the border, severe thunderstorms warning. let's go to first warning doppler radar instead. here's what's coming down from the north. really strong thunderstorms that have a lot of rain associated with them too. that's why as you saw them in the, there are some flood watches in effect. cecil county, strong thunderstorms, possibly some hail. in these purple areas just in the northwest of jackson and the knot west of butler. when we open it up one more time, we want to show you down to the south, there are some more thunderstorms that have been firing. those are moving south eastern toward dc. pop up thunderstorms over parts of the eastern shore and southern maryland. nothing severe at this point but something we are tracking. we'll keep you updated. outrage is growing tonight over rampant cheating at a
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baltimore school. mike hellgren spoke to the parent who exposed this scandal. >> reporter: george washington elementary had some of the highest test scores in the city receiving a coveted blue ribbon award and praise from the first lady. >> at george washington elementary teachers refuse to let their students become statistics. >> reporter: that's why the allegations that teachers were cheating to raise test scores was a scandal. >> don't even think of it. >> reporter: parent harding was the whistle blower after several students told her an administrator was cheating. >> our students are the ones that are really suffering in this ordeal. >> reporter: it took years, but the final report came out that she was right. investigators poured through
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tests, a high number of erased answered, even the suspicious direction of the erasers. >> no teacher, no principal can make the allegations, we didn't know how serious this was. >> reporter: the city school's ceo asked for and got the teaching license revoked for the principal susan bridges who previously spoke to wjz about her school's performance. >> the students are comfortable here, they like being here, we can't get them to go home in the evening. >> reporter: i don't think it's a lot. i wasn't just mrs. burgess. >> reporter: the school now has a new principal. >> i don't want them to think that they can benefit in any way. they know they can do better. >> reporter: the former principal has not commented on the allegations. the former principal retired shortly before the state revoked her teaching
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license. she did not appeal by decision. british petroleum revoked the -- british petroleum have resumed their efforts of the top kill method. >> i would actually say i believe this can work. nothing is actually going wrong or unanticipated. >> reporter: on friday, president obama will visit the region for the second time since the oil started spewing into the gulf five weeks ago. during a news conference thursday, the president reiterated that stopping the leak is his top priority.
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>> i take responsibility. it is my job to make sure that everything is done to shut this down. >> reporter: the scope of this oil spill is much larger than originally thought. scientists estimate any where from 500,000 and $1 million of oil have been spewing into the gulf every day. some fear it could be five times the size of the exxon valdez spill. making it the worse in history. >> the damage is going to be unreal. beyond all of our imaginations i think. >> reporter: the coast guard has signed off on an emergency plan to build a wall of stand along the louisiana coastline to help protect it from a thick wall of oil that continues to wash on to the shore. bp remains optimistic its top kill solution will work. if it does, crews will spew cement into the well to shut it
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down for good. >> bp will not know until this weekend if it has successfully stopped the oil leak. we have some breaking news right now concerning the family of governor martin o' malley. the governor's office has sent in word that tara o' malley was admitted, treated and released from the hospital. and we have breaking news from capitol hill, the u.s. house of representatives has voted to end the controversial don't ask don't tell policy. repealing the measure would allow gays to serve openly in the military. now the u.s. senate will take up the repeal, it has already passed a key committee. a warning tonight for
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people in baltimore county, a black bear is roaming around residential areas. even walking right up to someone's back deck. kelly mcpherson explains this is the second bear sighting in the region this week. >> first it was carol county now it's baltimore county. it's believed to be an 80-pound bear who is surprising people across the region. another maryland neighborhood has an unexpected wandering visitor. >> i was on the phone and told them, excuse me guys there's a bear in my front yard, i have to put you on hold and call animal control. >> we have a lot of wildlife here. we have tons of deer, we have lots of rabbits, racoons. >> foxes. >> reporter: but here a bear is rare. >> i just saw someone that said they saw a bear. >> reporter: you are out running, aren't you nervous? >> i totally forgot about it,
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but now i'm nervous. >> reporter: we showed the picture so people would believe us. >> this is the first i've heard of it. and it's a little bit scary. >> reporter: black bears typically live in garrett, allegheny, and fredrick county. officials believe it's young female bears wandering into backyards. one has shown up in union mills, westminster and now york town. the bear was last seen on timber road. officials tell me they will come back here if someone else spots the spot the animal, but they are not actively looking for the bear. >> put up the barbeque, pull in the bird feeders for a few
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days. if it is a endangers human life, let us know. but we think it'll just wander out of the area. >> reporter: if you do see the bear, usually he is more scared of humans and should run away, denise. >> thank you, kelly. any future sightings can be called into police. a baltimore county man has fought the city to keep a sign in his front yard. officials ordered koby to remove the sign because they said it was too big and violated. >> i find that very concerning,
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that the two people cited were for ehrlich signs. >> baltimore county emphasizes no political agenda is involved. he displayed it temporarily today for the media. well a mixture of emotion tonight for a local family struck by tragedy. diana green should have graduated from high school this spring but her life was cut short when she was electrocuted at a city park. >> reporter: the green family has endured a great deal of pain recently including court appearances. but today it was a day to honor their daughter, as well as others. >> reporter: after four years of high school, graduates are
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honored for their hard work. three students stand out on this night, cameron cushner and alexander all received $300 for the foundation. >> something we can have joy from her name. >> she just sounds like such a beautiful amazing person with such a lovely voice. >> reporter: diana greene was 13 years old when she was electrocuted. it happened as she stretched her arms over a fence. her mother was standing next to her. this day is bitting sweet for the family. they are happy, they have awarded three scholarships. but they are also sad because she would have been in this
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year's graduating class. >> we had this letter, when she just passed away. she's an amazing person, it meant a lot to win this award, it really did. good news as well, all three scholarship recipients have been accepted and will be receiving the award. all three will be graduating from carver. >> diana's father used to play for the baltimore colts. in just minutes, a video that's prompting concern. a 3-year-old boy smoking a cigarette. how many cigarettes he's smoking a day. police have arrested a man for having the largest collection of child pornography
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it is 72 degrees with thunderstorms in central
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maryland. uproar across the world over this 2-year-old indonesia boy who smokes cigarettes. the father says he started when he was 18 months. he now smokes two packs a day. and cries if he's denied them. former child television star gary coleman is in critical condition in a utah hospital tonight. several media outlets are reporting the 42-year-old actor fell and suffered a head injury. he was also hospitalized after suffering a seizure. weijia jiang explains the disturbing allegations against a man from parksville. >> reporter: inside a basement
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apartment of this parkville apartment, jeremy guzewicz was hording the unthinkable. >> this is the largest collection of child pornography the chief has seen in the time the chief has worked. >> reporter: federal agents say they found it on three of his computers. the movie titles listed on the indictment all include children five to 10 years old and the sex acts they were performing. one everyone detailed beastiallity was involved. officials say they cannot put a number on the images the guzewicz has collected. guzewicz also developed a cyber and phone sex relationship with a 12-year-old after meeting her on a teen chat.
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they say she say -- they say he ordered her to send naked pictures or he would drive to hurt her. if guzewicz is found guilty he could spend several decade behind bars without parol or prohibition. for now he remains in federal custody. weijia jiang, eyewitness news. >> prosecutors call the investigation ongoing and say there could be some victims from maryland. a hero firefighters has an emotional reunion with a woman they saved. he says seeing the woman today was a special treat. >> i don't think you can match
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the feeling of what it's like to save someone's life. to have that feeling now is actually really great. really rewarding. >> novack is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries. the arson trial for britney garcia will begin in september. the hurricane season will begin in june. 23 named storms with seven of them becoming major hurricanes is reported. the forecast is based on the weakening of el nino. the phenomenon in the pacific helped suppress storm development last year. nino nina. >> there's a few different factors in addition to those two big ones that are into that. all the forecasts coming out are above average.
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so we'll get into that. right now we have our own weather to deal with right now. the thunderstorms are really firing at this point. they are coming down from the northwest, because that's the direction that the front is coming from. we're going to take you on a tour here and show you what we've got going on now. first off in baltimore county, these thunderstorms really putting down a lot of rain and they're not moving that quickly. so when you have a lot of rain and it continues to fall in a lot of places it's adding up very quickly. that's why there's a severe thunderstorms in a couple of different places. you can see just over the border in york, there's also a severe thunderstorms warning and that's where these storms are coming from. notice all the purples really bright reds and oranges. that's the potential for some hail in some of these thunderstorms also. you can see this batch, that's also going to be tracking in your direction. we'll pick this up, another thunderstorms warning was in
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effect for baltimore county but it has since been cancelled. switch it over and show you as far as warnings go, we have the severe thunderstorms warning for cecil county until 11:30. [ 1 1 :30. underneath some of those counties, moisture is high. notice this, the last two hours really starting to blow up here. that's because the front is getting closer to us. it was so far today, that you really needed the trigger, which is the front to get it going. and that's what's happening tonight. that's going to bring in cooler
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air. 69degrees in ocean city. it's still 73 in d. c. that indicates how much moisture is in the air. that's where there's threat for these thunderstorms. 92 is where we topped out today. record high 95, way above the average, we're actually going below the average tomorrow as that cooler air comes in behind this front. you can see a lot going on. with that cooler air, not that much of a threat for a thunderstorms. for saturday, rain chances are staying around. morning part of the day, the threat in baltimore throughout southern parts of maryland. the threat does remain all day. heavy rain going down to 66
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degrees. tomorrow much cooler but still muggy. 72 for our high. about a 20 degrees swing. after that, 70s again on saturday. the next front comes our way monday night. >> night, that's key. thank you bernadette. thank you bernadette. coming up, the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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